The Cookie Madness

The Cookie Madness

We try each day to create recipes that will take your palate somewhere that it has never been. Some of the flavors that we chase give us that ultimate inspiration. So we bend ingredients to new levels and create flavor profiles that have never been tasted. we hope you enjoy this journey with us.

We start each day with the highest quality ingredients that we can source. Then its up to us to keep creating awesome textures, sensational flavors that will spark any palate right into your own private Flavor Trip. Where can we take you today?

The magic of creating recipes and stretching the spectrum of science and food is so much fun. I mean when you can create a recipe to touch peoples lives that is so humbling and fantastic. its why we do what we do! sharing our gift with you is part of our journey. We are so glad you are here!

-Frank & Amy


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