The Cookie Inspiration

Cookie cravings can be some serious business! We were curious, inspired and hungry. We started by using some of the best ingredients out there to create our perfect cookie. The light crisp with a little crunch and that smooth chewy inside, it's our way of bringing our small business to you!
Have a sweet day!

-Frank & Amy🍪❤️

  • Our Story

    We try each day to create new recipes that will take your palate somewhere that it has never been. Some of the flavors that we chase give us an ultimate inspiration, we want to create and deliver that to you. So we bend and twist those ingredients to new levels and create flavor profiles that hopefully you have never tasted. At Sweet Cups, we start each day with the highest quality ingredients we can source. Then its up to us to take you on your very own private FLAVOR TRIP. Where can we take you today? The magic of creating recipes and stretching the spectrum of science and food is what we LOVE to do. It's why we do what we do!

    Sharing our cookies with our friends, family and you is the next part of our journey, we are so HAPPY that you are here!

    -Frank & Amy



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